Dang Gui – Tonifies the blood and promotes blood circulation to generate new tissues.

Bai Shao – Moves the blood and helps prevent the narrowing of the space b Save & Exit etween joints, especially in the vertebrae or the knee joint due to degeneration.

Chuan Nui Xi –┬áMoves the blood and tonifies the kidneys and liver to help nourish the muscles and tendons, as well as invigorate the channels.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Atrophy of your muscles, ligaments and tendons can occur when a disease, injury or just chronic wear & tear decreases the range of motion in your joints, making it difficult or impossible for you to move a certain area of the body for too long. Atrophy caused by immobility can very quickly lead to more serious and chronic conditions if left untreated. In Chinese medicine this pattern is considered a combination of Qi, yin and Blood deficiency, accompanied by blood stagnation, and an accumulation of wind and damp. When looking for a modern day formula to nourish the Yin, activate as well as tonify  the qi and blood, and dispel wind damp, you want to look for one containing one or more of the following herbs: