Anxiety in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine there can be many root causes of anxiety, but when stress and anxiety are paired together manifesting as recurring and intrusive thoughts, insomnia, disturbed sleep, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, hypervigilance, anger and irritability it is considered to be a pattern of Liver constraint with excess liver fire, and shen disturbances with heat in the heart.

Chinese herbs can be very helpful to spread liver constraint, clear heat form the liver, calm the shen, and tranquilize the heart when you’re looking for a modern day formula look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Anxiety

Huang Qin or Huang Lian which helps to clear heat and relieve irritability

Bai Zhu which helps strengthen and harmonize the middle jiao and prevent the Liver from overacting on the Spleen. 

Chai Hu which disperses stagnant Liver qi and strongly moves the liver


Formulas Containing the Best Herbs for Anxiety