Infertility – Menstrual Phase

The Menstrual Phase in Chinese Medicine – Infertility

The menstrual phase is basically your period or the week that you are bleeding. This phase starts day one of your period and is the first day of your whole menstrual cycle which includes 4 phases. Which are the menstrual phase, the follicular phase, the ovulation phase, and the luteal phase. If you want to learn more about these phases and how they are broken down in Chinese medicine please watch the videos. This menstrual blood or menses is the shedding from the lining of your uterus known as the endometrium. A period lasting between three and seven days is considered normal, and the amount of menstrual flow should be about a about a quarter of a cup. In Chinese medicine the large amount of variation in the menstrual phase give us huge clues as to what is going on in the body, and we pay attention to every detail of menstrual blood, such as color, amount, consistency, and length of bleeding.

The typical protocol during this phase is to invigorate the qi, and blood, regulate water passages, and calm the mind by moving the liver qi. When looking for a modern day formula to help invigorate Qi and Blood regulate water passages, and move the liver qi. Look for one containing at least one or more of the following herbs

Best Chinese Herbs for the Menstrual Phase – Infertility

Dang Gui – Helps to tonify and move blood simultaneously

Chi Shao – Moves the blood and dispels stagnation clears heat and cools the blood

Chuan Xiong – Strongly moves the blood and clears out stagnation, for painful menstruation

Bai Shao – Nourishes the blood, regulates menstruation, and calm the liver as well as nourishes the liver yin.


Formulas Containing the Best Chinese Herbs for the Menstrual Phase – Infertility