Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs Chinese Medicine

Bone spurs tend to develop in areas of inflammation or injury in nearby cartilage or tendons. Common locations for bone spurs are in the sole of the heel bone, around joints that have degenerated cartilage like the shoulder and knee, and in the spine adjacent to degenerated discs. Bone spurs often develop as a result of repetitive motion and overuse.  In Chinese Medicine, we view this disorder as a pattern of blood stagnation with insubstantial phlegm. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation. When looking for a modern day formula to invigorate blood circulation, break-up blood stagnation, dispel insubstantial phlegm, you want to look for one containing at least one of the following herbs.

Best Chinese Herbs for Bone Spurs

Mo Yao – Promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves pain

Ru Xiang – is especially good at Relaxing the sinews and activating the channels as well as moving blood.

Dang Gui – has a potent effect to move blood, disperse blood stagnation and relieve pain.

Formulas Containing Best Chines Herbs for Bone Spurs