Kidney Yin

Kidney Yin in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine the Kidney yin is related to the deepest source of the body the Kidney Jing and the sea of marrow, also related to the amount of body fluid in the body nourishing the organs and the interstitial fluids. When the Kidney yin of the body becomes deficient it can lead to a whole array of symptoms. Since the brain is the sea of marrow, deficiency of the marrow may lead to dizziness and vertigo. Deficiency of the Kidney often causes deficiency of the lower body, leading to weak knees and sore back. Also night sweats, dry mouth and throat, with thirst indicate general yin deficiency and lack of body fluids. Nocturnal emission and spermatorrhea are the result of deficiency fire causing the jing (essence) to leak out, and lastly a Mirror-like tongue surface with little coating indicates severe yin deficiency.

As always when dealing with any chronic issue you want to address it form several aspects of your life, starting with a visit to your md to make sure you are not dealing with something more serious. In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes Chinese herbs can be very helpful in managing your symptoms when looking for a more modern day formula to: to nourish the Yin and tonify the kidney Look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs to boost Kidney Yin

Shu Di Huang Strongly tonifies the blood, and the liver and kidney yin helping to moisten the body, also tonifies the kidney essence which is the deepest source of energy

Fu Ling which helps strengthens the spleen and kidneys, and aids in water passage regulation to eliminate water retention through the urine

Shan Zhu Yu which Secures the essence and stabilizes the yin to slow excessive sweating from the body.


Formulas with Chinese Herbs for Kidney Yin