Ear Nose Throat Infections

The ears, Nose, Throat, and Mouth are actually the upper end of the airways system and are prone to viral infections, particularly in the colder months. They share anatomy and have similar mucus membrane linings, which means an infection affecting one can easily spread to another. Because these openings are so close to the surface we look at most conditions affecting this area as an invasion of wind, heat and toxins to the head region, leading to symptoms such as severe sore throat, redness and swelling of the face and head, swollen eyes, and glands, ear infection and thirst. As always when dealing with any issue you want to address it in several ways. First always be sure to get a diagnosis from your MD make sure it is not a sign of a serious condition. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in controlling this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to: Clears heat in the head, and the upper jia, and eliminate toxins look for one containing one or more of the following herbs: