Radiation Support

Radiation Side Effects in Chinese Medicine

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are very effective in killing cancer cells and save so many lives, but this lifesaving treatment kills healthy cells along with cancer cells. This wreaks havoc on the body causing an array side effects like nausea, vomiting, hair loss, weakening and fatigue.  In Chinese medicine radiation therapy depletes the yin, body fluids, and wei qi, as well as weakens the spleen and stomach or the digestive system.

Chinese herbs can be very helpful in supporting this situation When looking for a modern day formula to nourish the yin and body fluids, strengthens the defensive qi, and tonify the middle burner. Look for one containing the herbs below:

Best Chinese Herbs for Radiation Side Effects

Huang Qi – Replenishes the vital qi, consolidates the wei qi, and protects against external pathogenic factors, Tonifies the qi and blood and promotes healing.

Dang Gui – Augments the yin and blood to relieve thirst and dryness.

Bai Zhu – Tonifies the Spleen qi to increase both energy and appetite.


Formulas that Contain the Best Chinese Herbs for Radiation Side Effects