Acute Viral Infection

Acute Viral or Bacterial Infections in Chinese Medicine

An Infection is the invasion and multiplication of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are not normally present within the body. An infection may cause no symptoms and be subclinical, or it may cause symptoms and be clinically apparent. An infection may remain localized, or it may spread through the blood and lymphatic vessels to become systemic. According to traditional Chinese medicine, infection is often characterized by the presentation of fire, damp-heat and/or toxic heat attacking various parts of the body. Therefore, treatment requires use of herbs that eliminate the offending pathogens. Furthermore, it is important to also treat the complications of infection, such as swelling, inflammation, and fever. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to Clears fire, damp-heat and toxic heat, and  Reduces swelling and redness, look for one containing one or more of the following herbs

Best Chinese Herbs for Viral Infections


Huang Qin or Huang Lian which both strongly clear hear heat and purge fire

Jin yin Hua which clears heat and relieves toxicity and lastly

Pu gong yin this herb enters the Liver, detoxifies and helps promote the Liver’s function to clear toxins.


Formulas Containing Chinese Herbs for Bacterial or Viral Infections