Constipation – Acute

Constipation – Acute in Chinese Medicine

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent. The normal length of time between bowel movements ranges widely from person to person. SO Some people have bowel movements three times a day, and others, only a few times a week. Going longer than three days without a bowel movement is always considered too long. After three days, the stool or feces become harder and more difficult to pass. In Chinese medicine we consider there to be two types constipation. One is caused by a deficiency and the other is considered to be more of an excess condition brought on by excess heat, and possibly an accumulation of food stagnation. It is this excess type that is more common in young, or often robust adults, and can be accompanied by indigestion, a yellow tongue coat, red face, and possible a fast pulse. Chinese herbs can be very helpful. So if your looking for a more modern day formula to: purge excess stagnation and heat accumulation from the lower jiao look for a formula containing one or more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Acute Constipation

Zhi Shi – dissipates stagnation and reduces distention.

Bai Shao – nourishes blood and relieves abdominal or intestinal pain, which may be associated with constipation.

Da Huang – is a strong purgative that clears heat and detoxify through the intestines.


Formulas Containing the Best Chinese Herbs for Acute Constipation