Lung Infection

Lung Infection in Chinese Herbs

Lung infections are present when phlegm and sputum secretion and discharge of the respiratory tract are associated with infection and inflammation. Phlegm contains mucus with bacteria, debris, and inflammatory cells. When phlegm is expectorated via cough, it is called sputum. Phlegm and sputum generally indicates infection and inflammation of the respiratory tract. The presence of phlegm and sputum interferes with normal functions of the lung, and therefore, should be expelled via coughing or use of herbs. This is the Secondary stage of lung infection in which the superficial symptoms are no longer present. Instead there is an internal stagnation of phlegm and fire, which interferes with the descending function of Lung qi. Therefore, cough and profuse yellow or green sputum are the predominant symptoms. Look For a formula that contains at least one of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs for Lung Infection

Dan Nan Xing – has a strong effect to treat blockage due to fire and phlegm.

Jie Geng – work together to drain Lung fire while transforming phlegm.

Ku Xing Ren – eliminate phlegm, reverse rebellious Lung qi, and relieve cough.


Formulas containing Chinese Herbs for Lung Infections