Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding Disorders in Chinese Medicine

Bleeding may occur in any area of the body, it can be external from an injury or a wound, a normal occurrence such as menstrual bleeding in woman, or it can be internal as in a Gastrointestinal bleed (GI bleed), which is any bleeding in the digestive system from the mouth to the rectum. In Chinese Medicine any bleeding which should not be occurring is a result of heat in the blood causing it to escape the vessels, or blood stasis eventually forcing the blood out of its normal path.

When dealing with any serious issue like this the very first move is always to see your MD and figure out the source, and make sure that it is not a life threatening issue. Once you have done this under supervision of your practitioner Chinese herbs can be very helpful… when you’re looking for a more modern day formula to cool the blood, disperse blood stagnation to stop bleeding look for a formula congaing one or more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Bleeding Disorders

Ai Ye- helps to dispels cold and stops internal bleeding, removes damp and stops itching

San QI – stops internal and external bleeding without stagnating the blood

Yi Mu Cao – Calms swelling and reduces masses by moving and regulating the blood.


Formulas Containing Chinese Herbs for Bleeding Disorders