Insomnia with Excessive Worry

Insomnia and Excessive Worry in Chinese Medicine

Insomnia and Excessive Worry tends to plague people who categorize themselves as type A tend to put themselves under constant stress weather it is self-induced or from actual life situations. This constant feeling of stress and need to perform tends to deplete the body over time leading to a mixed pattern liver excess consuming the yin or body fluids, combine with shen or emotional disturbances leading to stress, anxiety, during the day and at night manifesting as Insomnia with difficulty falling and staying asleep. Chinese herbs can be very helpful to Calm the shen(emotions), move the liver, clear liver heat and tonify the yin and blood. When you’re looking for a modern day formula look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Insomnia with Excessive Worry

Suan Zao Ren – Which is our most potent herb to Nourish heart yin and liver blood to help calm and sooth the spirit, calm irritability and insomnia, in fact this herb is such a strong blood tonifying herb that it is also used to enhance memory for student syndrome when the brain is being overworked by cramming information.

Long yan Rou – Also tonifies the heart and spleen as well as nourishes the blood to help lessen heart palpitations, boost energy, and brain function

Hu Po – Regulates qi helping to break up stagnation in the chest, as well as sedate and calm the spirit by directing the yang downward to reduce vivid dreams, insomnia and anxiety.


Formulas Containing Chinese Herbs for Insomnia with Excessive Worry