ADHD in Chinese Medicine

ADD/ADHD is considered to be a prefrontal cortex issue where there is deficiency of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. The thought is that these lower level of neurotransmitters makes it difficult concentrate. In Chinese medicine we look at this pathology as an imbalance in the body leading to  Liver wind rising with shen (spirit) disturbance arising from Liver yin deficiency. To treat these disorders, both sedative and tonic herbs must be used together to restore normal balance in the body. As always when dealing with any ongoing issue like this you want to address it form several aspects of your life. Chinese herbs can be very helpful to nourish the yin, extinguish Liver wind and tranquilize the shen. When looking for modern day formula look for one containing the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for ADHD

Mai Men Dong which sedates Heart fire to relieve shen disturbance, and quiets restlessness,

Sheng Di Huang which Nourishes the yin, and generates fluids to clear excess heat,

Bai Shao helps to nourishes the liver blood and yin to calms liver yang rising and quiet the mind, or

Mu Li which helps Benefits the yin and anchors floating yang to settles the spirit and clam the mind

Formulas containing Chinese Herbs for ADHD