Hypertension – Normal Pulse

In Chinese Medicine excess heat, or fire in the body can present with all kinds of issues especially when it is combined with damp heat or toxic heat. When damp heat gets logged the lower jiao it can show up  as urogenital issues manifesting as genital herpes, urinary tract infections, yeast infections and vaginal infections. Not fun… Damp heat logged in the middle or upper jiao usually shows up as cholycystitis, excess type of hypertension, and even the all too common hangover. If you are experiencing Damp toxic heat in the body the first move is to get a proper diagnosis by your MD, with accurate testing. As always when dealing with any systemic issue like this you want to address it on multiple levels. In addition to diet, rest and life-style changes, Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation you’re your looking for a more modern day formula to Drain damp-heat from the Liver and the Gallbladder, clear excess fire, and nourish yin, look for one containing at least one of the following herbs:

Sheng Di Huang which is a great herb to help Nourish the yin and generate fluids as well as cool the blood and stop bleeding. and Because of its tonifying properties this herb also protects the Liver from the strong sedative nature of other liver clearing herbs.

Dang Shen which adjusts the heart rate and improves myocardial contraction, as well as clearing heat.

Ze Xie which strongly clears heat and drains dampness through the urine.