Bone Loss in Chinese Medicine

Declining bone quality is a common problem, particularly among those who are middle aged or older. As we age, our body undergoes many changes. Muscle size and bone density generally decrease as we become less active, making us more prone to overuse injury and bone fractures. In Chinese medicine we look as this condition as a result of Kidney and Liver deficiencies. The Kidney stores the jing or (essence) that is vital for strong bones, and the Liver stores blood and controls the sinews and tendons. If the Liver and Kidney are deficient, bone, sinews and joints become weak. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to replenish the kidney jing, tonify the kidney and liver yin, and blood. Look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Gou Qi Zi – Tonifies the Liver and the Kidney yin to treat secondary symptoms such as dizziness, dryness, blurred vision, tinnitus, thirst and night sweats. Neutral in property, it has a unique function to effectively nourish the different parts of the body without creating any stagnation.

Gu Sui Bu – Tonifies the Kidney yang and strengthen the bones to promote mending of bones and relieve soreness, weakness and pain of the bones. This is one of the best herbs to heal fractured bones and other injuries such as contusions, sprains and ligament injuries due to trauma.

Dang Gui – Enhances the overall wellness of the body, by tonifing the yuan (source) qi and blood.