Infertility – Ovulation Phase

Ovulation Phase in Chinese medicine

Ovulation phase is when a mature egg called an ovum is released from the follicle out of the ovary and into to the nearest fallopian tube. Sometimes two of these eggs can mature in a month, if both are fertilized this may result in twins. As we discussed in the follicular phase video the increase in LH triggers ovulation. The egg then travels into the uterus. If you have regular 28-day menstrual cycles, ovulation usually occurs on day 14, but most women vary in this timing so this can happen anytime 11 to 16 days before your upcoming period. Even the best quality egg only lives about 24 hours so If fertilization is gonna occur, it must happen within 24 hours of ovulation then It takes about three or four days for the egg to travel toward the uterus, and begin its implantation process. In chinese medicine we view the The ovulatory phase as the time when the Kidney yin is turning into yang at this precise moment there is a peak in temperature and ovulation occurs. In order to assure a smooth transitions we need to tonify the kidney yang for the transition replenish the kidney jing (or energy reserves) for quality,  and mildly move the blood in the lower Jiao to encourage the journey to the endometrium. Chinese herbs can be very helpful during to help with these patterns when looking for a more modern day formula look for one containing at least one if not more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Ovulation Phase

Ba Ji Tian – Strengthens the kidney yang as well as the sinews and bones

Shu Di Huang – Tonifes the liver and kidney yin, as well as the blood and essence

Bai Shao – Nourishes the blood preserves and astringes the yin, as well as nourishes the liver yin

Formulas Containing the Best Chinese Herbs for Ovulation Phase