Knee/Ankle Pain – Acute

Acute injuries to the knees and ankles in Chinese Medicine

Acute injuries to the knees and ankles usually occur after an injury or external physical trauma, such as a strain, sprain, or a soft tissue tear of the acl, pcl, mcl, or lcl, an injury to the cartilage, meniscus, or bones, but an acute injury can also occur from repeated pressure and use of the knees, tendinitis, or bursitis. In Chinese medicine we view acute pain as a combination of Qi and blood stasis, fluid retention, and heat which is represented by the inflammation.

As always when dealing with any injury like this you want to address it form several aspects of your life. Once you have seen your dr. and gotten an ex-ray and a proper diagnosis acupuncture Chinese herbs can be very helpful in managing this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to activate the QI and blood, resolve dampness, and clear heat. Look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs for acute knee and ankle pain

Hong Hua – which Moves the blood, and relieves pain

Ru Xiang – helps to Relax the sinews, and activate the channels as well as moves the qi and blood to break up stagnation

Chuan Xiang – Strongly moves the Qi and Blood to break up stagnation, and also has pain reliving properties.


Formulas with Chinese Herbs for acute knee and ankle pain