Kidney Detox

Kidney Detox in Chinese Medicine

A Kidney Detox can be helpful in the right situation. Nephrotic syndrome is a condition where the ‘filters’ in the kidney become ‘leaky’ and large amounts of protein leak from your blood into your urine. The main symptom is fluid retention or edema which is mainly due to the low protein level in the blood. In Chinese medicine we consider this a complex mixed pattern involving both excess and deficiency. The excess refers the accumulation of dampness and turbidity in the lower jiao. The deficiency refers to the underlying extreme Kidney qi and yin deficiencies. Since Kidney is the organ that stores jing or the essence, a deep deficiency of the Kidney can lead to the inability to retain the core essence and As a result, it is leaked out from the body in the form of serum protein, and other vital substances.

As always when dealing with any serious issue like this you need to first see your MD get a proper diagnosis once you have come up with a treatment plan Along with diet and life style changes Chinese herbs can be helpful in managing this situation. But remember whenever starting any new regiment you must first discuss it with your MD to make sure it fits in with their plan.

If looking for a more modern day formula to dispel dampness, and tonify the Kidney you want to look for one containing at least one or more of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs to help Detox the Kidneys

Huang Qi – Helps to Regulates urination, strengthens the kidneys, stabilizes sweating, and tonifies the yin

Fu Ling – Promotes urination and expel dampness to sooth edema

Shan Zhu Yu – Consolidates Kidney jing(essence), and also has an excellent effect to tonify the Kidney yin


Formulas containing single herbs for a Kidney Detox