Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disorders

Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disorders in Chinese Medicine

Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels this can lead to a heart attack, chest pain, arteriosclerosis, and eventually stroke. In Chinese medicine we look at this condition as a pattern of Heart yang deficiency with blood stagnation and damp and phlegm accumulation.

As always when dealing with any serious long standing issue like this you need to address it from several aspects of your life, after seeking medical attention, dietary and life style changes are a must.  Chinese herbs can be very helpful in managing this situation. When looking for a modern day formula to warm the Heart yang, dissolve damp, eliminate phlegm, and invigorate blood circulation look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disorders

Bao shao nourishes the blood and relieves pain.
Chuan xiong  invigorate general blood circulation and dispel blood stasis.
Dang Gui which Tonifies the blood as well as moves relieveing stagnation and pain
Hong hua which Regulates blood and unblocks stasis

Formulas containing the Best Chinese Herbs for Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disorders