Infertility -Follicular Phase

The Follicular Phase in Chinese Medicine

The Follicular phase of the cycle, is the week after finishing menstruation. This is the when the body is working grow that little teeny tiny follicle into what we hope is a nice, juicy, healthy, good, quality egg. During this phase, the hormone estrogen increases, causing the lining or the endometrium of the uterus to thicken in order to receive a fertilized egg should you become pregnant? The increase of another hormone, FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone, stimulates the growth of ovarian follicles. Usually each follicle contains an egg and by late in the follicular phase only a single follicle will remain active.
The surge in estrogen which is helping to thicken your endometrium also triggers a spike in yet another hormone called LH or luteinizing hormone. This increase in LH causes the follicle to rupture and release an egg this is the precise moment in which Ovulation occurs.

In Chinese medicine the follicular phase of the cycle requires the body to have a strong energy reserves, sufficient supply of blood and body fluids in order to produce a good quality egg. These tend to decline with age, overwork, lack of nourishment, and overexertion over a long period of time. Chinese herbs  can be very helpful in managing the symptoms of this pattern.When looking for a more modern day formula To help tonify the blood an body fluids as well as energy reserves look for one containing at least one if not more of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Follicular Phase

Shu Di Huang – Tonifies the liver and kidney yin, as well as the blood and the deep kidney essence

Dang Gui – Nourishes the and moves the blood simultaneously

Yu Si Zi – Tonifies the kidney yang and essence, as well as the kidney and liver yin


Formulas Containing the Best Chinese Herbs for Follicular Phase