Endocrine Imbalances

In Traditional Chinese medicine disorders originating from body fluid deficiencies. Such as chronic bronchitis and other chronic lung disorders, consumptive disorders of the stomach resulting in thirst dryness, oral lesions and constipation, as well as side effects of certain medications, and sjogrens disease all stem from a serious deficiency of yin.   Deep yin deficiencies often occur as a result of over-work, exhaustion, chronic illness, dietary imbalances and chronic exposure to environmental toxins.  In this situation we need to Strengthen the body, tonify yin, replenish body fluids, and restore the body to its optimal health. When attempting to replenish the deep yin of the body the protocol is to nourish lung and stomach yin, nourish body fluids, and harmonize the middle jiao. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to nourish the lung and stomach yin, nourish body fluids, and harmonize the middle jiao look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Shu Di Huang – Helps to Tonifies the liver and kidney yin as well as the blood, and tonifies the core essence.

Mai men dong or Tian men dong – which both moistens the Lungs, and the stomach by generating fluids, Clears heart fire to sooth anxiety and insomnia.

Fu Ling – Strengthens the spleen to boost transformation, reduces edema by regulating water passages.