Pain in Chinese Medicine

Pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system, and p-cell receptors, it may be sharp, dull, come and go, or be constant. Pain is actually very helpful in diagnosing a problem, and Without it, you might seriously hurt yourself, or not realize you have a medical issue that needs attention. Once you take care of the problem, the pain usually goes away. However, sometimes pain goes on for weeks, months or even years. This is called chronic pain, and can be the result of an injury, arthritis or an ongoing disease. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat pain. While Pain medications, can be helpful in the very initial stages of acute pain it has many undesirable side effects. It is best to try and find a more natural approach and to get to the root cause. In Chinese Medicine we look at pain as a stasis of blood and qi leading to a blockage in the channels and collaterals. Chinese herbs can be very helpful in this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula to:   Invigorates blood and qi circulation, unblocks the channels and collaterals, Relieves pain look for one containing one or more of the herbs below.

Best Chinese Herbs for Pain

Mo Yao and Ru Xiang – These two herbs are used synergistically to relieve a wide range of pain that may be caused by qi or blood stagnation, trauma or arthritic syndrome.

Dang Gui – Which is a great herb to really tonify and move the blood.

Formulas containing the best Chinese Herbs for Pain