Digestion – Weak

If you have a weak digestive system, this can be stemming from many different root causes. In Chinese medicine it almost always includes the pattern of Spleen Qi deficiency manifesting as loose stool or diarrhea, poor appetite, anorexia, fatigue, borborygmus, bloating, weight loss, sallow complexion, weak pulse, and a scalloped tongue. In traditional Chinese medicine, the main function of the Spleen is to extract qi from the food and turn it into energy. When the Spleen and the Stomach are deficient, they will not be able to carry out these digestive functions. As a result, food may travel quickly out of the body before the nutrients can be properly digested or absorbed. A weak digestive system also often results in a lowered appetite, which further lowers your overall nutritional intake. Such a sustained lack of nutritional intake can lead to weak extremities, weight loss and sallow facial appearance. Deficiency of the Spleen can also cause accumulation of dampness, which may obstruct the qi flow and cause fullness in the chest.

When looking for a more modern day formula to tonify the Spleen qi, promote digestion, and dispel dampness and stagnation, look for one with the following herbs:

Bai Zhu – Strengthen the Spleen, and dispels dampness as well as relieves diarrhea.
Huang Qi – is a great herb to tonify the yuan qi and Spleen qi to relieve weakness and fatigue, also it has a strong effect to increase energy and vitality.
Fu Ling – Expels dampness through urination, as well as strengthens the spleen, and as an added bonus this herb also helps to settle the spirit and the mind.
Gan Cao  – This herb is actually in many formulas mainly because it is so effective at harmonizing all the herbs together in this case it is also being used to harmonize the middle jiao  and regulate digestion.