Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine Menopause is time of life when the kidney yin and body fluids begin to decline leading to deficiency heat. When this deficiency heat begins to rise it can manifests in all kinds of pesky ways including hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and anxiety. When the liver is involved there may also be irritability and emotional instability.  If the body fluids get too deficient there can be the additional signs of severe vaginal dryness, bladder issues and thinning of the skin.

Chinese herbs can be very helpful to nourish the Kidney Yin, clear deficiency heat, move the liver, and calm the shen, when looking for a modern day formula to help manage these patterns look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs for Menopause

Zhi Mu or Mu dan Pi – Works to reduce hot flashes and heat sensations by clearing deficiency heat and tonifying the yin fluids.

Sheng Di Huang – Nourishes the Kidney jing or (essence) and replenish vital energy that is lost through normal aging.

Fu Ling – Strengthen the Spleen and the Stomach to prevent the overacting of the Liver.


Formulas containing Chinese Herbs for Menopause