Back Pain – Chronic

Chronic Back Pain in Chinese Medicine

Chronic disorders of the back can occur after an injury that has been improperly treated, or healed incorrectly, years of doing the same activity, natural wear and tear on the spine, autoimmune disorders such as osteoarthritis, and structural changes such a sciatica, In Chinese medicine we always look at a chronic disorder of the back impart due to a decline in the kindey jing or the bodies natural reserves, as well as  a stagnation of Qi and Blood contributing to chronic pain, and a lack of nourishment to the muscles and tendons.

When looking for a modern day formula to tonify the kidneys, move qi and blood, nourish the muscles and tendons as well as relieve pain look for one containing at least one of the following herbs:

Best Chinese Herbs for Chronic Back Pain

Du Zhong or Sang Ji Sheng – to replenish the vital functions of the liver and kidneys which in turn helps to strengthen the bones.

 Xu Duan – which helps to strengthen tendons and bones as well as relieves pain

Formulas Containing Chinese  Herbs for Chronic Back Pain