Energy/Performance Tonic

In Chinese medicine general aging, performance enhancement, as well as some conditions that affect energy levels can be dramatically helped by Tonifing the qi, blood, yin and yang, as well as the kidney energy to help strengthen the overall constitution of the body.

Aging is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. In Chinese medicine we feel that as we age the qi or energy in the body slows and the body produces less blood and fluids at the same time the decline in energy makes it more difficult to push them through the vessels making the whole system work more sluggish as a whole.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, and other like disorders causes you to feel so tired that you can’t complete normal, daily activities. While these type of syndromes have no known cause and are difficult to diagnose, the major symptoms can be managed. In Chinese medicine we believe this pattern is also rooted in deficiency of the substances in the body as well as a depletion of the body’s core energy.

Lastly when people go through rigorous periods in life such as a competitive sporting event or period of intense mental strain such a big project at work or an important exam the body needs and extra boost of core energy and requires optimal levels of the fluids in the body as well as a boost in the digestive energy to assure that energy being taken in in the form of food is assimilated efficiently.

Chinese herbs can be very helpful to manage this situation, when looking for a more modern day formula To help tonify the Qi, blood, yin, and yang of the body Look for a formula containing at least one or more of the following herbs:

Huang Qi – Strongly Tonifies the Qi and Blood, by aiding the spleen in the production of blood

Bai Shao -Nourishes and astringes the yin and blood helps to soften and sooth spasms

Chuang Xiong – Moves the blood and breaks up stagnation as well as sooths pain and clams internal wind