Neck and Shoulder-Chronic

Chronic Neck pain in Chinese Medicine

Chronic Neck pain is a common complaint. Neck muscles can be strained from ongoing poor posture, repetitive motion like overuse of your computer and mouse, or hunching over your workbench. A longstanding injury that refuses to heal correctly or wear and tear arthritis. Neck pain is notorious for spreading to other parts of the body such as the shoulders and arms. In Chinese Medicine these manifestations all have the same root patterns: Qi and blood stagnation in the channels and collaterals, painful obstruction syndrome, or weakness in the sinews and tendons. Effective treatment must focus on activating qi and blood circulation while opening the channels and collaterals, and nourishing the qi and blood.

When looking for a more modern day formula to disperse painful obstruction, resolve qi and blood stagnation in the channels and collaterals and strengthen the sinew and tendons look for one containing one or more of the following herbs:

Chinese Herbs for Chronic Neck pain

Ru Xiang – Moves the blood to help reduce pain from traumatic injury, relaxes the sinuses and activates channels

Hong Hua – Helps to invigorates blood and removes residual stasis in the channels and collateral

Mo Yao – Promote healing, reduces swelling relieves pain, and dispels blood stagnation.


Formulas Containing Chinese Herbs for Chronic Neck pain